Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

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MAY  2008

VIDEO #112(May 2008) $39.95 VHS, $39.95 DVD white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes), $505 PAL VHS CONVERSION TAPES for overseas use, $50 PAL DVDwhite_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes) for play anywhere in the world on a PAL DVD player (Region-free DVD).  2 hours  
Some more great personality radio from all dayparts and formats on this outstanding new video production! Includes BRUCE KELLY & DONNA DAVIS (AM Drive) at Oldies Magic 102.7 WMXJ/Miami, TOBY KNAPP (PM Drive) at CHR WIHT/Washington, DAVE FOGEL (PM Drive) at AC Star 102.5 KCKC/Kansas City, MASON DIXON & BILL CONNOLLY with the whole gang (JoJo Walker, Marc Haze, Bobby Rich & Nikki Cruz) at Oldies Q105 WRBQ/Tampa, KENNY WALKER at Lite AC The Coast WFLC/Miami, and CHET BUCHANAN (with Spence & Lauren)/ZOO VEGAS at CHR KLUC/Las Vegas. 2 great hours of radio video! 

BRUCE KELLY & DONNA DAVIS, mornings at Oldies Magic 102.7 WMXJ/MIAMI have really got a hot morning show going on this AM - Bruce fires up the dial-up modem for a phoner with Regina Lewis, they have Chef Alvaro Boom in studio, and do a phoner with Frankie Valli. Wow - tons of personality with this great morning show!

TOBY KNAPP, PM Drive at CHR Hot 99.5 WIHT/WASHINGTON is just smokin'! He's a whiz at including listeners on the phone for everything on the station he has to plug that hour; 100X more relevant than reading one-liners! And who else would dare to do "Shaft Traffic"?! Killer CHR afternoon show!


KCKC/KANSAS CITY (AC Star 102.5) is much-more-music for your drive home in the afternoon. DAVE FOGEL is able to keep the 6-in-a-rows coming and squeeze in the personality too. Awesome job of getting it in without interrupting the music flow!

Still one of the killer morning shows in Tampa Bay, it's MASON DIXON & BILL CONNOLLY (with JoJo Walker, Marc Haze, Nikki Cruz, and Bobby Rich) at Oldies Q-105 WRBQ/TAMPA. This morning they are giving away Chicago tickets, rag on Hillary with a great bit, have a bit on American Idol, a bit on a  website that has audio of Moses talking to God, a ChuckieCheese fiasco, and Marc has a story on getting stopped by the cops in a station vehicle that relates to a current news item, plus the Backwards Oldie. Great morning show with tons of personality!

KENNY WALKER is now at Lite AC The Coast WFLC/Miami (PM Drive) and does his usual great job of slipping in personality in their more music, less talk format. 

CHET BUCHANAN and the MORNING ZOO (Lauren & Spence) at CHR legend KLUC/LAS VEGAS have one of the monster morning shows in Vegas. They have a report on the pre-Super Bowl activities in Phoenix from Carlos, plan their big Super Big Game party for that weekend at Buffalo Wild Wings, and do a Phone Scam that involves a "big chimichanga"! Great CHR morning show!


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