Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

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VIDEO #114(Feb. 2009)
Discounted to $30 VHS, $30 DVD white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes), $40 PAL VHS CONVERSION TAPES for overseas use, $40 PAL DVDwhite_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes) for play anywhere in the world on a PAL DVD player (Region-free DVD).  2 hours  Discounted through May 30, 2009.
Some more great personality radio from all dayparts and formats on this outstanding new video production! Includes Classic Rock KQRS/Minneapolis and Ray Erick, Oldies KOMA/Oklahoma City with Ronnie Kaye, Country KYGO/Denver with Catfish Hunter, Soft AC WEBE/Bridgeport Robby Bridges, Country WUSN/Chicago with Drew Walker and CHR WBZW/Pittsburgh with Buckhead & Bubba.  HOT 2 hour video on DVD or VHS. 

Ray Erick does a killer PM Drive show at legendary Classic Rock KQRS/Minneapolis. It's the On-Demand-Drive-At-5 with Ray playing mostly requests. Lots of phones, and to make things more interesting, Ray erases his part of the calls on VoxPro, and does his part LIVE while playing back the caller's part. A very interesting and unusual change of pace! 

RONNIE KAYE does an amazing midday show at legendary Oldies KOMA/OKLAHOMA CITY! We catch the Noon All-Request Hour so there are plenty of phones. Ronnie grabs some great calls & also loads up the hour with personality, including a call from Ted Kennedy, Mr/ Haney with the school lunch menu and a botched trivia contest. Killer midday show from Ronnie!

CATFISH HUNTER is smokin' in PM Drive at Country leader KYGO/DENVER! Personality, phones, you name it. A call from his pal Dewey and lots of interaction with his traffic lady. The Fish is jammin' the personality into his PM Drive show!

STEVE GODDARD does a great Midday show at Oldies giant KOOL-FM/PHOENIX! His act is Old-School wise-ass Top 40 DJ and Steve does a great job of it! He also tracks his last hour while we're there and it's unlikely that anyone listening would guess that it was voice-tracked - he does that good of a job. For some classic Oldies jocking, this is it!

ROBBY BRIDGES does a killer PM Drive personality show at Soft AC WEBE/BRIDGEPORT! Phones, drops, you name it. Plenty of interaction with his traffic lady, Anne. The format is Lite AC but this is NOT Less Talk! 

DREW WALKER does a great PM Drive Show at Country WUSN/CHICAGO! He is constamntly on the phone looking for calls to air and grabbing some good ones. Another personality-driven show not that same old blah-blah-blah. Great interaction with his traffic lady too.

BUCKHEAD AND BUBBA With Melanie Taylor are doing a great Morning Show at CHR B94 WBZW/PITTSBURGH! Melanie does the sleaze, they play Gas Or No Gas, and get listener John a job this morning. Tons of great content on this CHR morning show!


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