Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

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VIDEO #136 (July 2018) Discounted to $30 VHS, $30 DVD white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes), $40 PAL VHS CONVERSION TAPES for overseas use, $40 PAL DVDwhite_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes) for play anywhere in the world on a PAL DVD player (Region-free DVD).  2 hours  Great video from around the country. Video #136 includes   2 fun-filled hours of great radio.  This issue starts with Classic Hits/Oldies WOMC DETROIT (AM Drive) with BOBBY & STACEY. DETROIT's Hot AC 96.3 WDVD (PM Drive) with ROBBY BRIDGES & ROCHELLE BURK. Country WDRQ (PM Drive) with DAVE FULLER. CHARLOTTE's big morning show from CHR WHQC, ACE & T.J. Then SAN DIEGO's Classic Hits/Oldies KXSN Sunny 98.1 (AM Drive) with DAVE MASON. And from ATLANTA and Country 94.1 The BULL WUBL (AM Drive) with JASON & KRISTEN.


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Awesome morning show at Classic Hits/Oldies WOMC with BOBBY MITCHELL and STACEY DUFORD. Even though they have given out the correct answers earlier in the show, Bobby finds it impossible to give away Jim Gaffigan comedy show tickets. This is probably one of the top ten morning shows we've ever gotten on video! Hilarious! The longer it goes on the funnier it gets.



Not too many personality afternoon shows in Detroit but you get it from ROBBY BRIDGES & ROCHELLE BURK at AC WDVD. "He Said She Said" is the running bit they have going on this afternoon.

DAVE FULLER is killer in afternoon drive at Country WDRQ Detroit! Love his sense of humor. Dave has the "Tiki Bar In Your Car" going on this afternoon in the 5:00 hour.



ACE and T.J. have been the big morning show in Charlotte since the early 90's! They moved over to CHR WHQC a few years ago. And have not slowed down at all. GUENN is also part of the show these days. Tons of topical material this morning. One of the best morning shows in the country!



From SAN DIEGO's Classic Hits/Oldies KXSN Sunny 98.1, it's DAVE MASON in the morning. Sunny is most music all day but Dave is able to keep it rolling while squeezing in the personality. Today includes "Trending Q&A" on the phones.



ATLANTA's country Bull WUBL has a great morning show with JASON & KRISTEN. They get in lots of phones this morning with "What The Bleep" and "Jason Aldean-ioka". Great show.